Security camera new Blink XT2 from Amazon provides more features to users


Ring is not the only company which is owned by Amazon and sells surveillance cameras. In 2017, the company Amazon also acquired the company of Blink, a company that today decided to disclose the security camera new called Blink XT2. This security camera comes with many new features in addition to the card is to provide two years of use.

Can use Blink XT2 as a security camera internal or as external security, and the user is forced to deal with any cables because it operates using AA batteries. And company Blink that this security camera new can work for about two years before you need to replace the batteries. This is similar to the previous version but it offers double the time during the use in the mode of direct viewing and activate the option to register during the monitoring of the movement.

This camera supports the new security accuracy FullHD and 89.99 USD only. Company Amazon stores all the events recorded in the account of the cloud to the user free of charge. There is also a feature to discover improved movement and feature direct recording to watch what is going on directly whenever you want and wherever you are.

According to the director general to buy a Blink, Mr. Peter Besen, has stated by saying : ” Starting from 89.99 USD, the camera provides Blink XT2 new option for low cost and high performance to customers who are looking for security in the entire house and peace of mind “. Generally, the camera Blink XT2 New available for pre-order as of today.


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