Secrets in the apps iPhone, virtual you may not know

Discover for yourself, the principle as long as we mentioned in several previous articles, used by Apple with their users since the launch of the iPhone first. Apple says to use more or outline for new updates and leave the rest to you. And the truth is; there are advantages, maybe we can iPhone after the other and we don’t know anything about. perhaps the best known you when you drag in a machine of the bus erase the last digit you typed. In this article we explore some of the secrets in the default apps for iOS, maybe you know some or know it all or know nothing about. and aimed primarily at the beginner in the use of the iPhone. Proceed with us.

أسرار في تطبيقات الآي-فون الافتراضية قد لا تعرفها

The pedometer in the health app

The health app is very useful, and Apple strives to develop constantly. But did you know that in this app depending on account of the war in iPhone, you can track your steps and even follow up on the ladder (required to be your phone 6 and newer for the presence of sensitive barometer of the stairs).

Tool adjust the level in the compass app

There is a special tool to adjust the level hidden in the compass application through which you can adjust the level of the surface or use it as a balance to adjust the level of things generally. Just put your device on the surface to be measured, and then open the application and then swipe left to “phone in English,” will be co-screen iPhone, what if the surface is planar or not.

Scan files via the notes application

I don’t need external apps to scan documents and share them. You can scan files through the application notes the default for the operating system iOS 11 and later versions.

◉ The application notes. new note.

◉ Tap the + Sign in the toolbar and select “scan documents”. In this way the app will recognize automatically the papers to be scanned and edited. You can pick up multiple levels at a time.

◉ Press to keep scanning and then press the Save button. Photos will appear in the note. And you can export it as a PDF using the Share button.

Put Bedtime in the clock app

The next time you open the clock app to set the alarm, press the tab Bedtime. This little feature can help you adjust the way you sleep both in going to bed at the appropriate time or to provide some tips while using the app will help you improve your sleeping habits you have. You can set the time you want to wake up, and the number of hours of sleep that you want, and it will move automatically when it comes time to sleep.

To learn more you can see our previous article about the clock app

Share the site with friends in the messages application

Facilitates the application of the “Find the iPhone” share your location with your friends constantly. You can send your current location quickly, or watch it for a few hours, directly from within the messages application.

Open the Messaging app and look for the conversation and go to the Details section. You will find the two options: Tap on Send my current location to one or choose share my location for some time.

Drag and release in the files app

Introduced Apple TV files app new sync with the launch of iOS 11 . It is through the application of the files you can view files stored in iCloud and Dropbox and Google Drive. It also makes it easy to organize files using drag and drop. It was drag-and-drop one of the biggest features of the iOS operating system 11 on an iPad only, now you can also drag and move the files to somewhere else on the iPhone.

You only need to press and hold the file with one finger then use another finger. navigate to the folder you want to drop and then edit your finger first to drop the file.

Fine filters in the camera application

If you want to add filters or effects to your photos that you’ve taken the course, there is no need to search for another application. You can preview these effects directly when taking pictures. Open the camera, swipe up or tap on the icon of the three circles from the top toolbar. You will see some filters stunning and traditional choose from among them what suits your taste.

Reading mode automatically in Safari

In Safari you feature Reader View or view template automatically remove the formatting and designs of the decision and give you just the text and images format is easy to read.

Press and hold the button Reader View, will provide you with the option of two new to turn the display of the reader is automatic to the current web or all Web sites. The next time you open a link from the website, will be opened to show the reader automatically no need to press the button again.

Did you know the existence of these secrets in the application of the default? If you know another Secret, tell us in the comments.



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