Secret “pocket” Surface from Microsoft is with a folding screen

Microsoft is working on a mysterious new device from the Surface has at least a few years. The device, codenamed “Andromeda” was repeatedly flashed in patents, reports, references in the operating system, and should include design with dual display. As writes The Verge, referring to a leaked internal Microsoft document, it will also be foldable or pocket Surface.

Microsoft describes the project Andromeda as something that the company quietly collecting the parts inside, and promises to make a new category of devices that will affect the road map Surface as a whole and blur the lines between computers and mobile devices. The company has not commented on the leak.

Initially, Microsoft introduced the Surface RT and Surface Pro six years ago-like devices that were supposed to create a new category, combining the convenience of tablets and laptops. Surface Pro, on the whole, is a successful device and many — including Apple-to some extent — began to adopt this approach. Andromeda is the next big attempt to combine personal computers and phones.

Andromeda is still being developed in the secret labs of Microsoft. The envelope of the display device is connected, the overlapping between the hinges being fully open. Most likely, the technical samples of the pocket Surface look identical to the 3D concept, created by David Breuer.

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