Season the latest from company Intel will reduce the adoption of Apple TV on Qualcomm

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Have you ever wondered why may include the phone itself sometimes different components a little bit? One of the reasons is due to the different techniques that companies use telecommunications, such as GSM versus CDMA, where they will need the manufacturers of the phones to create multiple copies of the same device to ensure its phones on all networks.

However, it seems that Intel have the answer because according to a new report released recently from the website Apple Insider, it is confirmed that the company has started the production of the Intel XMM7560. This is also confirmed in the report from the website of Nikkei Asian Review, which said that the Deputy Head of the Department of technology and Architecture at Intel, Ms. Asha Keddy confirmed that the Intel XMM7560 is now under publication, restricted trade and mass production.

What he does this season is that it is compatible with GSM networks and CDMA both, this means that companies like Apple won’t have anymore to produce devices equipped with information from different companies, thereby reducing reliance on Qualcomm note that the relationship between both companies at the moment are still nervous and still on experience between them in the corridors of the courts.

However, we do not expect to cut its ties with Qualcomm in final form in the near future. Is still expected to continue to Qualcomm to provide Apple with the season, but previous reports indicated that Qualcomm now play a small role than before, they will continue to only 30 percent of the necessary ingredients for Apple this year, while the company will Intel address the remaining 70 percent. We expect this number to grow in the coming years.


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