Search Google images now adds the caption information to the results

Added Google labels and caption to the image search results in its engine, the famous instead of displaying the address location of the sound source only, mail is important to people who are looking for immediate information linked to the grade obtained during the Search in the engine. And download Google to make a photo its search engine more user-friendly began to hear the sound already in the currently access the application Google and mobile browsers, come the new addition after making some changes that didn’t satisfy many users after the cancellation button share photos … that users move to the site to download the image. Improved Google in the arena of way image search by adding badges such as “description” or “product” on some of the specific results to guide users to the category that falls under the image, then added the URL of the audio source now, you can get more information directly in the description under the picture. Had to Google to change how to present images in search results because of the Convention on Getty Images to avoid lawsuits, so as to remove the Download button in the search results instead on users to visit the website image source to be able to save them if necessary.

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