Screens with a new technology will make the iPhone next in the year 2019, thinner and lighter

iPhone XS Max

Phones iPhone from Apple already skinny, but based on what we know about the company, they like to make their products thin and light as possible. Now, it is not expected that Apple change the design of the iPhone coming next year, but it may become thinner, at least according to a new report released recently from the South Korean news agency ETNews.

This is apparently due to the use likely to provide a new display from Samsung. At the moment, work the screens through the color mode of the touch-sensitive click screen LCD or OLED. However, Samsung has developed a technology of its own called Y-OCTA, a technique that allows integrating color and sensitive to touch with the screen, thus eliminating that extra energy.

Supports the report from South Korea that Apple and Samsung had signed an agreement called to bring this new technology to the iPhone next in the year 2019. Moreover, it was speculated further that this technology will be cheaper by 30% than the current technology, although we do not believe that Apple will cut the prices of its smart phones as a result.

However, it is not clear to what extent it will be iPhone thin, after the removal of this extra energy, so we still have to wait until the second half of next year to see how it will impact on the fish and the total weight for the iPhone. However, this means that Samsung will continue to supply Apple with OLED for the foreseeable future.


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