Screens holography and a new vision for the future

We have repeatedly stated that smartphones don’t offer any new revolutionary deserves to be called a revolution in the world of phones. Everyone agrees that progress is currently is only general improvements in screens, cameras, batteries, processors, and so on. So almost forms the phones that is approaching some of you can barely distinguish at first glance the type of phone, most of them containing the same notes, the place of the camera and shape of the phone, even the long tradition of the operating system. When on the horizon a new innovation will change the equation, we find it difficult to penetrate the smartphone market dominated by Apple and Samsung. So why learn those techniques and slip on the ladder of Fame, and the proliferation and widespread use among the users, unlike what happened with Apple’s and Samsung’s?

شاشات الهولوجرافيك ورؤية جديدة لهواتف المستقبل

Phone Red Hydrogen One

A smart phone that contains a new innovation that would change the concept of smartphones once again. Telephone submitted by company Red, which is a company with a long history in the manufacture of digital cameras to produce movies. Where the announcement of the phone under the name “hydrogen-1” or “Hydrogen One ” that contains the screen with holography that produces three-dimensional images without the need for special glasses.

Come to the screen with the subject of the operation, the first mode the standard allows for the viewing of content as the rest of the smart phones. And time second work pattern 4V or 4View Lightfield Display is a display with the “field scan” is still in the development phase. It is a little complicated to understand the mechanism of action of those screens, however briefly and simply, those screens and thanks to the nanotechnology used matrix microlens to deliver the image to the rays of light individually, using encryption appropriate to the image displayed based on the tracking of the human eye which is considered a sensor of light basically, and somehow re-create all the light beams emitted from The Shape of the supply and put all those rays in a certain place, when will appear in front of you a three-dimensional image without any glasses dedicated.

The objectives of the company Red fairly modest, which aims to sell 16 million phones in the year (this is a huge number when any phone Class I have other than Apple and Samsung), but it’s a bit tricky from the point of view of analysts. They will need to be obsessed with new technology. Also the price of the phone associated with that informs 1295$.

What is like today to yesterday.

When I made the Apple iPhone first came out bums USA fall resoundingly to Apple and the new. This is what is happening today with the company Red pde said Geoff Blaber, an analyst and researcher in the company CC Insight that the Hydrogen of the red signal to the telephone company Red owns very little chance in making a great excitement in the smartphone market.

Says analyst Carolina Milanesi, said that the move away from the dominance of Apple and Samsung’s much harder than it was in the past, because innovation in smart phones is not limited to the hardware components of the phone only. What matters more, is the operating system and artificial intelligence behind it. This is exactly what my company does. Apple and Samsung where they provide models of enhanced and sophisticated in screens, cameras, batteries, or the use of programs such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence and digital assistant, as well as the use of AI products in the refinement of the image automatically. But they contend that these nurses behind system strong satisfaction for the user.

While many analysts do not see any big impact for the Red in the phone market, however, Jim Jannard the founder of Red responded and said that his phone will make a big wave in the sea of smart phones and is only the beginning will not impact the near. “We don’t buy the same car model owned by a neighbor, and even their color. It is important to maintain the continuity of the industry and develop and evaluate a new option to the user. And what we did is something amazing.

The company launches Red named 4V on the screen of the phone, and by doubling what’s on the cameras, three-dimensional with the number of binary and data depth for each image, in addition to the presence of material under the screen and let the voice of 4V and video appearing three-dimensional manner to the viewer.

Images that are not photographed or converted into this format will remain the same as offered on any other phone. As well as the images captured by 4V won’t look different on other phones will be like a normal picture. Further the phone also contains a bunch of games, formulation of 4V.

The bottom line

◉ You can encounter technical 4V the same problems faced by virtual reality. Where did people rush to the use of virtual reality devices, in contrast, did not rush the video to provide more articles that support it.

◉ Other than the screen is luxurious, the phone looks very thick, while the companies of other phones trying hard to make phones thinner and stronger. This non adapter lens similar to the lenses of a SLR standard to expand the camera during filming. And by the way, the LG manufactured the main So style, has retreated about one year later.

◉ At the end said company founder Red ” we try to provide phone hope be felt by a sufficient number of persons. Other than that, I’m going to own the phone the most expensive in the world and I’m happy”.

◉ Phone is detected the beginning of the year but it was released in markets only recently.

Do you see that this technology will be in smartphones like what happened with iPhone’s? Or is it different this time will make a big difference? Tell us in the comments.


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