Screen Xperia XZ4 will not come with a hole or not !

Tell us a reputable source. today on the design of the phone Sony Xperia XZ4 based on computer assisted design – here’s the design and what we know about the specifications of the device.

Not surprising for Sony to stick to the design of its phones for a long time, so according to the source and the phone will not come to my daughter (note) the screen or even holes camera that we saw today in HUAWEI nova 4.

Coming Xperia XZ4 screen dimensions is very long, exactly 21:9, to show where the edges of the upper and lower thick. It seems that the slot two large to discover the top wouldn’t be a camera double or sensors to identify three-dimensional on the face, but the camera’s single sensor anonymous as leaks.

You’ll notice in pictures that behind the Xperia XZ4 comes with three, but no reader insight to the traditional, and is reported leaks move it to the side of the phone.

It is said that the battery of Xperia XZ4 will be with a capacity of 3,900 mAh what is not good old long battery compared to release the leg, and for performance, we expect the presence of processor Snapdragon 855 with 6 gigabytes of RAM.

All what we have mentioned here such as the recording medium for a confirmation when the ad scheduled the end of February next encounter with the time for Mobile World Congress.

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