Screen sizes sitting in my S10 and Nokia 10

Claimed internal sources that the section of the screen Samsung told by the Department of portable devices with a display size of the upcoming flagship phones start to work on them, it was stated that the Galaxy Note 10 comes screen super for 6.66 inches.

Assuming that the Note 10 will come to the same dimensions of the Note 9, the physical space of the company will increase 8%, but if you varied the dimensions will vary to the actual area; if observed, the advent of the iPhone XS max screen 6.5 inch with various dimensions noted discussion make the actual area of the company is smaller than that in the Note 9 despite the advent of second screen 6.4 inch.

The source stated that one of the models of S10 of the three will come with a screen 6.4-inch (larger than the screen of the S9+), while the coming of two other screen 5.8 inch, (same screen S9), where it will be focused by setting the camera on probably.

Says the source that revealed this information about the Note 10 refers to the consecration of the Samsung period of greater than usual development of the device, as has been said before that the company developed the design of the Galaxy S10 of April last, although he will be officially the conference of the Mobile World, held last February.

Source: GSMArena

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