Screen phone Galaxy Fold is very convenient to work, according to laboratory TÜV Rheinland

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Believe phone rollaway Galaxy Fold a lot of the headlines these days, this may help the report from the laboratory of TÜV Rheinland of German in generate more noise, this lab validation on the phone Galaxy Fold for being safe for your eyes.

The laboratory that Samsung has to reduce the emissions harmful blue emitted from the screen to a minimum. No. 7% Standard wavelength for the company falls in the spectrum 415-455 Nm which is bad for your eyes. Thus, the agency gave TÜV Rheinland certificate to ” comfortable to work | Eye Comfort ” to the screen of the Galaxy Fold.

It seems that Samsung has reached to the stage of mastering production of OLED screens so I don’t need any hardware or additional programs, which distort the color accuracy, to assess the emissions of harmful blue light. Do not interfere the process of production of the new LED lamps with a mechanism to reproduce the colors of the color gamut DCI-P30 also.


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