Screen holes used notes phones Huawei

Spread the shouts of phones note network significantly through 2018, as we approach the beginning of 2019, it seems to us that the new formula will be holes in the screen, after the Samsung on the screen of the Infinity-O a few days ago, leaked today a new patent belonging to Huawei to design is similar.

Design Samsung on the cut pie in the screen around the upper left to be used for the front camera, but in the case of Huawei, we find that the widget will be on the form to open to hear the calls in the middle, which is expected to protect fish and any sensors, but not enough to put the lens of the front camera, which is Strange, which confused many people.

This and learn Huawei about her plans after this design, but due to the advent of the Samsung Galaxy S10 a – hole, expected to come Series P30 base also with the design itself, which is expected to be announced in March next.

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