Scott Forstall confirmed that Apple was working on iMessage for Android

Some time ago Apple was planning to release cross-platform version of iMessage support Android, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing the statement of Forstalla Scott, the former head of iOS development. To do this, the company decided to enlist the support of operators to those engaged in the work of the messenger, by combining the standards of SMS and MMS into one and allow users to send messages and media files within the same service. But it did not happen.

“We have appealed to the operators in order to add some functions [typical for iMessage], existing messaging standards and to cancel the service charge, — quotes The Wall Street Journal words Forstalla. But for a number of reasons from problems with interoperability of the two systems passing messages to the complexities of protecting transmitted in the framework of the cross-platform service messages from this experiment had to be abandoned”.

Why iMessage is not working with Android

Under the protection problems iMessage, the operation of which will be provided to the services SMS and MMS, Forstall meant the inability to encrypt transmitted messages. And because Apple attaches great importance to the secrecy of private correspondence of its users, and the project’s iMessage for Android would be absolute nonsense not only because of functionality but because of the danger he’d put iOS users.

But, whatever it was, says the reporter for The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna stern, the prospect of increasing the number of iMessage for users of competing platforms are attracted to Apple ever. For this reason, the designers of the company even designed a separate version of the corporate instant messenger-style Material Design that best matched the style of Android, but unfortunately were forced to postpone the project until better times.

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