Scientists succeed in creating a synthetic material with characteristics that mimic real life accurately

Thinking Robot

These days, the work of scientists in the creation of robots with human appearance, but mostly, is this something that is aesthetically pleasing only. However, it seems that in the future, robots can look more realistic, but they can also begin to show tendencies similar to humans as well.

This is thanks to the creation of synthetic material new by engineers at Cornell University Cornell University. Is designed this article is supported by DASH, to include neighborhood characteristics, which include chemical processes that occur inside the organism in order to maintain life, self-healing and development. What this means is that in the future, robots can possess the ability to self-repetition.

According to Dr. Shogo Hamada, who says of this study, it has stated by saying : ” Still the designs are primitive, but it showed a new way to create machines dynamics of biomolecules. We’re in the first step of the process of building the robots vibrant by metabolic artificial. Even the simple design, we were able to create the behavior of sophisticated technologies such as shopping. Metabolism artificial can bring new possibilities for robots “.

While we must admit that it sounds exciting to some extent, but we’re not sure if we’re thrilled of the idea to enable robots to heal itself and replicate itself in one day. We are not the only ones who are concerned about that, lost via many of the adults in the science and technology sector about their interest in avoiding future similar to what happened in the movie Terminator.


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