Scientists “reprogrammed” the immune system to fight cancer

Unfortunately, almost all drugs have, in addition to therapeutic effect, and even negative impact on the body. And the best mechanism of treatment — with the help of our own immune system. But the immune system is not all-powerful against such severe conditions as, for example, cancer is not always something to oppose. But its reserves turned out to be much more than we might have thought, after all recently experts from the UK for the first time managed to “reprogram” the immune system to fight cancer.

According to the portal EurеkAlert, for a new study of responsible scientists from the University of London Queen Mary and the hospital of St. Bartholomew. During the survey, the authors tried to find a way of dealing with one of the most aggressive forms of cancer — triple-negative breast cancer. The standard treatment for this cancer is chemotherapy, but the tumor is growing rapidly the resistance and, according to statistics, the survival rate is often 12 to 15 months.

A group of scientists led by Professor Peter Schmidt suggest the use of the drug tatlisumak, which allows the immune system to better recognize breast cancer, and hence to deal more effectively with him.

“The results are a huge step forward. We have proved that immunotherapy has a significant advantage. I am very glad that thanks to the combination of immunotherapy and chemotherapy, we can significantly prolong life.”

Under the new approach, the chemotherapy acts as a “cover up” and provides additional time for the immune system with the product to adjust to the disease. Based on the data obtained now will create new treatment regimens, but patients participating in the experiment now have a much better survival rate in comparison to the standard approach to therapy.

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