Scientists have said, what else ate human ancestors

Scientists are constantly studying our ancestors, to answer many questions about their lives. One of the tools that helps this, is the isotopic analysis of the bones: so, he was able to find out how often they ate the Neanderthals. A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

According to experts, the main diet of Neanderthals consisted of the meat of grazing animals — deer and horses. To do this, anthropologists have studied the remains of Neanderthal man using the newest method CSIA: he gave information about the origin of some chemicals. Exploring the isotopic composition of nitrogen, the scientists came to the conclusion that carnivorous fraction of heavy isotope of nitrogen higher than that of herbivores. The measurement of the indicator Neanderthals (from a tooth) showed that they ate animal meat.

This indicates a high proportion of nitrogen-15 in Neanderthal tissues, which suggests that it was carnivorous. What exactly ate? Scientists agreed that mostly for Breakfast, lunch and dinner he had a reindeer and horses. This refutes an earlier study that Neanderthals ate rotten meat to increase the content of nitrogen-15. Also, scientists do not exclude that the food has undergone preliminary processing. The question of when man started to use fire for cooking food, is still the subject of heated debate. Some scientists believe that it happened 1.8 million years ago. Signs of use meat or fish predators were found.

Earlier analysis of plaque on ancient teeth of Neanderthals showedthat they could adapt to different food types, and also revealed the presence of deposits of non-edible vegetable origin, the remains of butterfly wings and parts of the limbs of other ancient types of insects. Therefore, to uniquely determine the diet of the “ancient people” is difficult.

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