Scientists have renewed the activity of the cells of ancient mammoth

In 2010, on the coast of the Dmitry Laptev Strait in the far East of Russia were found well-preserved body of a mammoth named “Yuki”. According to scientists, he died approximately 28,000 years ago, and until today his body was stored in the frozen soil layer of the earth. Due to the special environment, the soft tissue of ancient animals have remained virtually intact, and scientists were even able to extract cells. Recently, biologists from the University Cindy tried to re-activate their functions.


The researchers were able to extract from muscle tissue as much as 88 nuclear structures. Place to reactivate their functions steel rat oocytes that are involved in embryonic development. So they had something to compare the changes occurring with the cells of the mammoth, another group of oocytes mice were injected cells modern elephant.

After incubation of the nuclei, the researchers noticed that they perked up, but not completely. Cells began to reach some of the stages that precede the cell division, however, the breeding was not documented. For example, the cells of the mammoth held a process in which the chromosomes are attached to spindles before the parent cell splits into two daughter cells.


Unfortunately, the absence of cell division suggests that current methods of cloning animals cannot be applied to revive mammoths. This will be possible only if scientists will be able to bring cells of an ancient animal to the fission process. However, this experiment was quite successful, because earlier another team of scientists failed to revive the cells of a 15,000 year old mammoth even half.

I want to resurrect mammoths and other groups of scientists. For example, biologists at Harvard University was going to create an elephant that will have key attributes of their ancestors. Read more about the project can be found in our material for 2017.

Do you think if scientists ever to resurrect mammoths? What will be consequences? Your bold assumption, write in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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