Scientists have named the approximate location of the birth of Jupiter

Jupiter is considered the largest planet in the Solar system, so scientists are especially interested in its history. The planet is shrouded in many mysteries, the most intriguing of which is the place of its occurrence. There is a theory that it was formed much farther from the Sun than you are now, and the team of astronomers from Lund University there was quite strong evidence of this assumption.

Планета Юпитер

If you believe the theory of the “Great maneuvering”, Jupiter formed at a distance of 3.5 astronomical units from the Sun, about where is now the asteroid belt. Then, according to some scientists, the planet close to Mars and bounced back, remaining there, where now is located at a distance of about 5.2 astronomical units from the Sun.

Researchers from Lund University painted a slightly different picture of what happened in ancient times events. The planet has a so-called “Trojan asteroids”are ahead of “the Greeks”, and back “Trojans”. Scientists have long could not understand why the number of “Greeks” almost one and a half times more than the number of “Trojans”. Computer simulations of the early stages of the development of the Solar system, it became clear that such a difference could arise only in the case if Jupiter were formulated in four range from the Sun.

Юпитер и «троянские астероиды»

According to astronomers, since its appearance, the future, the planet was subject to the influence of dust clouds and spirals closer to the Sun. The process took 700 thousand years, but by cosmic standards it is a fairly short period of time. Along with has not yet formulated a Jupiter drew and similar the body, but to grow to the size of a gas giant was he alone. Other “embryos” have to circle around it and the “Greeks” got more than additional bodies, so their number exceeds the number of “Trojans”.

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