Scientists have found a new type of planets made of precious stones

The earth is certainly rich in precious stones, but in comparison with the jewels on distant planets and their number can be worthless. These are the “treasure chests” found researchers from the universities of Switzerland and the UK. They believe that their location and composition directly contribute to the fact that they easily formed a precious connection, for example, sapphires and rubies.

Планеты с алмазами и сапфирами

At the moment scientists have only found three planets, which presumably a lot of jewelry. The first is called HD 219134 b and is 21 light-year from Earth in the constellation Cassiopeia. The second one is called 55 Cancri e and is at a distance of 41 light years. Third, WASP-47 e, located on all — in 870 light years from our planet.

Planets formed from gas and dust that were collected in clumps of electrostatic energy. These particles are accumulated as long as he didn’t come into force for attracting larger particles for the formation of full-fledged planets. Then they formed elements such as silicon, iron and magnesium.

They all belong to the class supertall and consist of a huge number of metals and their combinations. A sample of the three planets is different in that they revolve around their education and have completely different composition than the planets of the Solar system. For example, the Earth’s core consists of iron-Nickel alloy, and the cores of these planets are rich in calcium and aluminum. This is many times increases the likelihood that they contain a lot of sapphires and rubies formed from aluminum oxide.

The big difference of the composition of these planets were confirmed by computer simulation, created by a team of astrophysicists headed by Caroline Dorn. The study showed that their density was 10-20% lower than Earth’s, but planet 55 Cancri e and Wasp-47 e are so hot that their atmosphere is simply burned. Also there was the assumption that HD 219134 b shines red-blue color due to the large number of rubies and sapphires.

The assumption that 55 Cancri e is like a huge diamond, was launched in 2012 in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters. It was believed that the jewel was formed by the interaction of silicon carbide, silicates and solid iron core.with the carbon. Unfortunately, a subsequent study did not confirm the presence of carbon.

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