Scientists have found a link between the gadgets and the mental development of children

Modern children are often familiar with the technologies already in 3 or even in 2 years: watching TV and video on tablets, play on smartphones, and so on. And how would the manufacturers of mobile devices does not convince us of the opposite, excessive use of gadgets affects the cognitive development of children is not the best way. For several years, scientists from Canada trying to figure out how much is a slowdown in the development of mental abilities in such children.

In research took part 2,5 thousand children. The results showed that those who longer than any other sitting in front of screens of gadgets, aged two and three years, showed the worst results in the tests for development, held in 4 years in 5 years. Even if you show the child only educational material, excessive use of electronic devices, on the contrary, slows cognitive development.

Information about their children provided the mother participants. In addition to data about the use of gadgets, the researchers also considered information on the situation of the family, economic status and even what time the child was born. While feedback was found: children who had previously demonstrated low rates of mental ability, not spending more time with gadgets.

Scientists do not undertake to say unequivocally that electronic devices have a negative impact on the development of children, however, do not deny the existence of causal connection in this case. The authors remind us that every child is different, and if he initially had good cognitive ability, not the fact that their tablets and TV, he will become stupid.

Earlier, scientists came to the conclusion that the time spent by teenagers with gadgets, does not affect their mental health, comparing the harm of using technology with “potatoes and milk”. What do you think about this? Tell us in our Telegram chat.

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