Scientists have created an elastic display that can be glued to the body

In recent years, a lot of different displays have appeared: from extremely clear and bright to flexible, which can be easily bent. However, a group of Japanese scientists from the University of Tokyo introduced something new: an ultra-thin LED display that can be easily glued onto the skin.

The scientists presented their development within the framework of the Annual Meeting Symposium 2018. The new type of display consists of a large number of microLEDs (MicroLED), an expandable "wiring" and an elastic substrate. At the moment the screen is not yet fully ready, as the developers plan to make it transparent. But now it is still noticeable on the skin. At the same time, it stretches perfectly on the mobile parts of the skin, does not fall off and does not cause irritation and discomfort even after a week of wearing. The display itself has a thickness of 1 millimeter, and a size of 60 by 10 millimeters. At the same time, it can stretch to 45% of its original size.

As scientists assure, this screen can be used to display text messages and video. In addition, the display is equipped with a wireless communication module, which makes it possible to use it as an addition to a smartphone or tablet, and also as a medical device. For example, to remove an electrocardiogram or to measure body temperature.

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