Scientists have created a unique implant that will not be rejected by the body

Any materials (including biological), which are not created by our bodies in any event are foreign and will reject. And even if they are made of the most advanced inert material, ensure that rejection will not happen, nobody will. And “suppress” the immune system for the sake of it — so expose the body to additional danger. However, a group of researchers from tel Aviv University have invented a method of personalized implants that will cause the body to perceive them as your own tissue.

According to the publication based is the technology of creating all kinds of implants of small “portions” of fat cells from biopsies.

“We were able to create a personalized technology of cell differentiation of adipose tissue cells in the various cell types of other organs from the cardiomyocytes to the cells spinal cord and brain. Because both cells and the material used come from the patient, the implant does not provoke an immune response, providing the correct regeneration of defective body,” said Tal Dvir, a Professor at the Department of biotechnology, materials science and engineering, tel Aviv University

To implement vysheozvuchennoy scientists preprogramming fat cells into induced pluripotent stem cells that can develop under certain conditions in cells of any cell line.

Currently, scientists do use their technology to repair damaged spinal cord regeneration in myocardial infarction, as well as the use of dopaminergic implants for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease in animal models. In addition, in the future, scientists want to test your method for recovery of other organs like the bowel and the eye.

“Using our technology we can design fabric of any type, and after the transplant to make to effectively regenerate any sick or injured body. Technology is completely personalized tissue implants will allow us to do this with minimal risk of immune response.”

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