Scientists have come up with a risky method of protection from global warming

Глобальное потепление

Global warming is one of the most likely causes of destruction of life on Earth. Scientists have observed a sharp change in the climate of the planet and believe that the increase in temperature will inevitably kill our planet. Lately the problem got so acute that researchers from Harvard University has suggested a very risky method of reflection of excessive solar heat from the Earth’s surface. If it doesn’t work, lives can be destroyed much faster than previously thought.

Scientists propose to create a chemical barrier that will reflect heat from the sun. On the lower layers of the atmosphere is necessary to spray sulfate aerosols. Then there is the problem in the world is no aircraft that could lift heavy capsules with minute solid particles at 20 km altitude.

The researchers do not deny the possibility of creating such a device. They believe that they can handle the aircraft with a narrow body, a disproportionately large wings and two additional engines. The program of spraying aerosols, according to their calculations, would cost $ 3.5 billion, and maintenance costs — 2.25 billion This amount can afford a country that gives $ 500 billion on other programs to protect the environment. Hundreds of these aircraft can hold 60 000 missions per year.

The chemical barrier may eliminate some symptoms of global warming, but does not protect against it completely. Researchers believe that a running program for spray aerosols it is better not to stop. In the event of termination of spraying, the rate of increase in temperature on the Earth may be accelerated, and the human race left little time for adaptation to new conditions.

Of course, spraying a large number of small particles in the atmosphere will change the appearance of the sky. In 2012 in the journal Geophysical Research Letters published an article stating that sulfate aerosols is able to paint the sky in white color and make it five times more vivid.

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