Scientists have called for a global ban on the use of technology of gene editing CRISPR

Last year, the Chinese geneticist Hae Cisangkuy, despite the ban in force in the territory of China, had a very, very questionable from the standpoint of morality and ethics of experiment on gene editing of human embryonic cells, resulting in the light appeared first Gemini with the edited genome. About his work he Cisangkuy shared at the Second international summit on genetic editing. Very soon most of the world’s academic community condemned the actions of Hae. And the Chinese government even opened a criminal case on him.

In response to the growing concern about premature introduction of the technology of gene editing in clinical practice, a group of 18 scientists from 7 countries, including two developers of the technology for genome editing CRISPR/Cas, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Feng Zhang, have called for the introduction of a global ban on the use of genetic editing viable human embryos for the birth of CRISPR-people. An open letter calling to ban the use of this technology for at least the next 5 years, it was published in the scientific journal Nature.

The authors of the Manifesto understand a temporary moratorium as a voluntary waiver of such experiments until you confidently execute a number of conditions. For example, the authors point to the mandatory informing of the international community before approving such experiments, a transparent review of applications to conduct such experiments, and discussions in society about the propriety of such experiments.

“Countries may choose a different approach, but they must agree to work openly and respectfully to public opinion on the issue, which ultimately concerns the whole species,” the scientists write.

The authors particularly emphasize that the moratorium should not touch the edit of embryos for research purposes without replanting them into the uterus, and also editing of somatic cells to treat diseases.

“Although the technology in the last few years developing, edit the cells of the germ line are still insufficiently safe or effective to use it for clinical purposes. The scientific community agrees that such use risks necessary changes or unforeseen mutations is still unacceptably high. In this direction is significant research work”, — stated in the published document.

The authors also believe that it is necessary to understand the difference between genetic editing to protect from potential diseases, and editing aimed at strengthening certain genetic parameters in humans. According to scientists, the issue of protecting the unborn child from potential disease is more complex and requires more in-depth discussion. But the edit genes to enhance certain abilities, at least at this stage of development of the technology of genetic modification, the report’s authors believe is completely unacceptable.

Scientists remind us that today’s couples with a high risk of transmitting a mutation that causes a particular disease, there is a possibility of in vitro fertilization and preimplantation genetic diagnosis. The authors of the Manifesto believe that the improvement of these procedures is currently the most secure way of preventing transmission of genetic diseases.

Scientists also emphasize the need to involve a wide public opinion on the issue of gene editing. The rapporteurs believe that the decisions of such experiments should not only be accepted by the scientific community. In addition, they call all the independent scientists and scientific organizations who became aware of such experiments or the plans for their implementation, to communicate this information to the General public. As a negative example, the rapporteurs cite the case of Hae, there were people who knew about his work, but they did nothing to stop.

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