Scientists develop tongue “e” detects allergens in food

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He said Australian scientists, they developed a “tongue E” can detect allergens in food in almost real time, which is what is seen on that it may be happening a revolution in the security of life and human health.

The machine is used, which was developed in scientific research institution and the Australian CSIRO, the “sensors” Biological to detect the presence of lactose in milk samples, in addition to spoiled milk, according to a press release issued by CSIRO on Tuesday.

The foundation explained that the electronic tongue, which is actually nothing like the tongue, but a device the size of a pack of paper napkins is described a computer which is portable, able to discover the presence of allergens in real-time.

Says Dr. Stephen Troy, former researcher at CSIRO and founder of PPB Technology, which license the technology “electronic tongue”: “the diagnostic methods of the current lactose intolerant expensive and can take weeks to get results.”

Dr. Troy: “through the use of sensor vital private places, the technology provides electronic tongue measurements of minutes and close in any place of the production line”.

Also involved CSIRO with a firm PPB Technology to find new uses for and to detect other allergens.

Said senior researcher at the CSIRO, Dr Alisha Anderson: “the unique way in which we built by the technical means that we can develop sensors to detect a wide range of materials including toxins and allergens and enzymes”.

Dr Anderson: “in human health, it can mean the technique to health law, such as sepsis can be diagnosed in just a few minutes instead of the current road, which takes a few hours, which may lead to treatment faster and more effective”.

The gate Arab News Technical scientists develop tongue “e” detects allergens in food

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