Scientists began searching for DNA “Loch ness monster”

Tales of giant creature that hides in the murky waters of Loch ness, telling more than 1500 years. Every year scientists are firmly decide to put an end to them, revealing the riddle, but can not catch the monster by the tail — literally. Neil Gemmell came from the University of Otago in New Zealand, to take samples of water of a Scottish Loch and figure out what it is hiding, using the scientific method.

“More than 1000 people claiming they saw a monster. Maybe something unusual there,” he told AFP, five-liter immersing the probe into the lake. He’s going to find “DNA monster”, but the main purpose is to check methods of finding DNA in the environment.

“I am confident that we will find species that have not yet been described. Most likely, it will be bacteria”.

Record the number of observations

The true nature of the Loch ness monster has spawned a lot of theories, predatory, shape-shifting “sea horse”, to waterfowl survivors of the era of the dinosaurs, logs, fish, birds or just waves.

“Everything you see at Loch ness and do not understand, maybe your Loch ness monster on this day,” says local resident Andrew Schein. The first documented mention of the observation of creation in the Loch ness have been made Holy by Columba, who brought Christianity to Scotland in the sixth century. Last March 26. A pair of American tourists described the “big shadow that was moving under water, a length of about 10 meters.” Last year the number of cases reached a record value: 11.

It seems unlikely that more than 1000 people could be wrong.

“Too many rational and sane people said that they saw a creature in the lake. It’s huge. More than you might think. The water is dark, very mysterious, a lot of fog and big mountains, wrapped in clouds, which evoke an aura of mysticism and mystery. It’s beautiful!”.

You only have to rip off the veil of mystery. Perhaps science will this.

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