Scientists are developing technology to replace the bad memories with something good

Surely each of us has moments in life that we would prefer for one reason or another to forget. How about to replace them with something nice? Or even “invent” memories? Sounds like a synopsis of the plot of the movie “total Recall” based on the story by Philip K. dick, however, a group of scientists from Oxford University said that such technology might be available soon and they already have experience in this field.

Scientists themselves call their work as “creating a prosthetic memory.” First and foremost, such surveys aimed at the treatment of amnesia and post-traumatic stress disorders. As stated by lead author Lori Bancroft,

“Implants for memory is a very real technology. The prospect to change and improve our memories may sound fantastic, but it has been proven that it is possible.”

Although the technology is still at an early stage of development, now using different methods managed to achieve success. Mostly experts are using neurostimulation to influence the brain centers. In this case, as by direct contact (connection electrode) and indirect (i.e., non-invasive method) it is possible to achieve the feeling of “pleasant memories”. However, without any specifics about the event. The issue of creating the visual range is still open.

However, today these methods are used. For example, of the University of Oxford apply neurostimulator embedded in the brain of patients to relieve symptoms of various diseases. Surgically implanted devices resembling pacemakers of the heart, generate light pulses to stimulate specific areas of the brain or spinal cord. For example, targeting the deep structure of the brain called the subthalamic nucleus, eases stiffness, slowness of movement and tremor in people with Parkinson’s Disease.

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