Scientist at NASA: aliens may have visited Earth before, the guide provides

Toggle World Space Silvano colombano to be beings from outer space visited Earth at some time, demonstrating that monitoring some people for dishes satellite in many places around the world.

Said Colombe, who is a senior scientist at the US space agency “NASA”: “maybe not wait to visit the aliens of Earth ever”, pointing out that you can’t explain or deny the involvement of UFOs that its monitoring mission, according to the newspaper the British “sun”.

As long as colombano scientists to be more open to the idea of visitors from space to Earth, indicating that these objects may be different from what we expect, and have enjoyed the ability to development large distances, in a time when we can visualize the size of the development of their technology.

A group of hackers “anonymous” leaked last year, information on approaching NASA from the announcement of the discovery of aliens, according to alleged pirate they got it from the meeting of the Congress, which was held months ago.

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