Schools in China “uniforms smart” to track students and monitor attendance

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Started schools in China to implement a new system that meets the students “uniform smart”, in order to monitor the attendance of students and their whereabouts, which contributed to increased attendance rates and decreased shopping.

Reported the newspaper “Global Times” Global Times, affiliated to the Chinese government that more than 10 schools in Guizhou province of southwest China and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, may adopt a school uniform.

When students wear school uniform smart, the authorities of the school receive well-timed to facilitate their entry and exit will automatically send data to the parents and teachers, as Lin said Zongo, director of the school of Reno, Hawaii the fourteenth in the province of Guizhou. Dressed more than 800 students in his school uniform smart since the fall of 2016.

According to the company Guizhou Guanyu Technology that provide the technical special “outfit smart”, the device will sound alarm automatically activates if out students who dressed in clever costumes from school without permission. It is through the help of equipment face recognition installed on the doors of the school, if the students exchange the uniforms, the alarm rings too.

And the mechanism of action of a school uniform Smart, has been the introduction of Chip two electronic in the shoulders of the outfit, and they can withstand up to 150 ° C and 500 wash, as said Yuan Pei Zhang, project manager of the company, the newspaper Global Times.

But school uniforms may raise concerns about privacy, since the system can locate even students in non-school hours, and in this regard Lin said, “we choose not to speak of the exact location for students after school, but when he opens the student with the lessons, helps the uniforms in determining their place”. He noted that the attendance rate has greatly increased since the introduction of the uniform.

The gate Arab News Technical Schools in China “uniforms smart” to track students and monitor attendance

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