Scarface of technology? Alexa from Amazon laugh without reason

It seems to help artificial intelligence Alexa Amazon may have heard something funny, why not call one of the other, according to the spread during the days of the past. According to these reports has been confirmed to hear the number of users for a laugh at random times by the headset Amazon Echo which works with the help of artificial intelligence Alexa, according to the report, are look suspicious and not the same natural sound Alexa.

And one of the users on the site Reddit that he was trying to extinguish some lights using commands Alexa be surprised and open them again, and at the second attempt, I stopped Alexa from work and laughed an evil laugh as suspicious, which did not voice its normal and she was the voice of a real person where it wasn’t in the room, only his wife.

Told other users via Twitter for similar situations, where someone said it’s when you hear the sound of the awful stress in the kitchen imagine that there are children beside him, to be able to visualize the position.

Said the most recent on Twitter , “when I was almost sleeping I heard the voice of Alexa, I hear the Echo laugh, laughter, high and strange, there is the probability of being killed tonight.”.

Prior to these tweets or reports are fabrications to reap the attention or views, it is no longer possible, because the company that Amazon itself had acknowledged the existence of this defect in her remarks some of the sites technical. The company has justified the occurrence of this strange thing that help of artificial intelligence Alexa can hear is “Alexa, Laugh” by mistake, without explaining the details.

The company said the U.S. giant is interested in artificial intelligence which is considered one of the largest companies that invest in this area with their products that they intend to correct this defect by changing it to “Alexa, Can you laugh” to become everyone’s required longer to eliminate the possibility of She to help the artificial intelligence of the company. The company also put the sentence “Sure, I can laugh” before you start Alexa the pressure, to prevent the positions of the suspicious once again.

This comes after a pause to hear the Echo for hours Last week where if the blue ring to red to Alexa to users in different words to express they don’t understand what is being said or they are out of service at the current time.

What do you think about this event? Is this the dark side of the world of technology and artificial intelligence is? Would you be speculation that artificial intelligence will have bad consequences, right? We have participated.

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