Scare discharge planning to integrate messaging services for both WhatsApp and Instagram Razer burst

According to the New York Times, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg discharge planning to consolidate messaging services to develop its three Facebook Messenger and Instagram and WhatsApp the structure of the software one with to maintain the advantage of multicast encrypted which ensures the users not to inform a third party on an updated their.

As stated by the report, the merger does not mean that the private aspect of correspondence instruction in the application of the three will be united in one service; it will remain both a standalone application as users previously; but the change in the Enable Times interview someone from the messenger to the last available on WhatsApp. in other words, if you want a reporter friend of yours from the application of the messenger and he doesn’t have only your WhatsApp account, this process will enable you to do so.

Police are still at the beginning of the application of this new phase in the life of their applications is expected to be brought in effectively at the end of the current year or early next year to 2020, and for the idea in general probably won’t want a large number of users resort to them and they will respect the specificities of each individual application to avoid trouble and inconvenience.

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