Scale — cut without a knife. And as long as possible

The main advantage of the game ‘s Scale is an interesting mechanic. Here we do not proprygivaem levels, don’t fight with the bosses and not looking for secret rooms. Instead, gradually cut the playing field and not give the ball to spend our lives.

To play the Scale just. Before us is a square Board, which moves the ball. Physics latest correct and logical: the angle at which it flies up to the wall, under that and bounces from it.

The player’s task — time to cut off part of the field. This help the so-called slicers. The last word hiding a small square, which is discharged on the field. When faced with a field slicer produces knives. When the blades reach the wall, the cropped area disappears, and we get points. If the ball is ahead of the blade and relates to them, we lose life.

The game continues until there hearts. As soon as they finish, begin the passage again.

To diversify the process — objective slicers. Each of them shows the direction in which to move the blade. The sides can be changed. To do this, click on the box.

Also to gain points to unlock new slicers and balls. Besides, points get extra life.

The passage is of interest. As soon as the area becomes smaller, the ball gets to the wall faster. Accordingly, trim each piece of land harder.

Scale — a great arcade game with intuitive controls. The game will do any free minute and will not get bored in the summer sun.

Application: Scale
Developer: Good Job Games
Category: Puzzle
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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