Sawmill gets new updates and the launch of women business bag from the platform saws

Who doesn’t know a sawmill, the training budget of the representative of the Arab, which resembles a medium but its more suitable for the Arab user, so let him write whatever he wants.

What also distinguishes the platform of the sawmill is the property of and excellent services such as free scraps to design the high profile of the article, and its compatible with Arabic language.

The team has launched important updates to the product level, have contributed to these updates in the embodiment of the principle structure on the house as a larger than the tip of smokers.

The launch of the platform saws:

The team launched the women’s trade guidelines for the saws that are wider than a sawmill in the area of control of a party to the debtor, it allows you to create a crew to write your own web controls are all up to you where you have the freedom in the approval and rejection to publish the articles.

Also think tool for promotion , whether on the scale of individual or collective such as companies and associations, it is through the product you can promote publicity for your services absolutely free.

The panel provided wider powers to talk to your own space., you can allocation decision as you want and view its display stores, as well as add a cover image for your kids.

Currently the product is in beta, available to use to prevent and stop by some professional standards as more than 3 the codification of the data, or you can apply directly to the request group of a sawmill in order to customize your own space.

Open a group in Facebook special by typing a sawmill:

I didn’t forget the team allocate space for points and communication between actors in the sawmill, he decided to open a group on Facebook gathering where the Book of sawmill activities.

Available on this group a discussion about what is published in the sawmill, moving away a little from the limitations of blogging and Arabia on the house to give way to the more to talk and communicate among smokers.

It is from these updates that the team always seeks to development, and that only the interest in the user’s trust team, providing a unique experience and comfortable.

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