Save in roaming with the updated app for iOS Zadarma

Almost every second person starts their journey in another country buy a local SIM card — despite the numerous proposals of Russian mobile operators, they can not be called favorable, and the services running on the model of “one SIM card for all countries” move aside, when it comes to receiving and making calls. But there is another way to save money when trips is to put in your iPhone cloud PBX and make calls by using IP telephony.

All this became possible with the updated application service Balance, which in fact was rewritten from scratch, got a contemporary design and has gained support for push notifications. The VoIP client works on the standard SIP Protocol not only supports calls from the virtual city, but also works with free cloud PBX Zadarma.

Happens when a client, for example, will call on city number, cloud PBX redirects the call to your iPhone (or any employee that handles incoming calls). To bind to the ATS can be a number from anywhere in the world — even in the format of “8-800-XXX”. This is an opportunity not only to work where you want, but with minimal costs telephones in an office. The main thing is to have a stable Internet connection at hand.

How to configure a cloud PBX

To begin to fully use the application, you need to activate a cloud-based PBX in your account on the website Balance. Cloud PBX has many useful functions — from a voice menu and internal rooms to record conversations in the cloud. No extra equipment to purchase is not required — all data is stored on the servers of the operator, and virtual number in dozens of countries it is possible to rent just one click.

As for the app itself, it has become much easier and more modern. Zadarma for iOS can be used not only for making voice calls but also send and receive SMS messages. Within the network Roaming calls are absolutely free, other calls are made on tariffs for each country to consult them on the service website.

The rates are very favorable, obviously cheaper than to connect the roaming option.

Conveniently, the app supports integration with Callkit, that is, to view the list of calls do not have to constantly open Balance, all information is available in the standard application “Phone”. One of the chips programs are updated — support for push notifications to increase the duration of the application in the background and reduce battery consumption. Taking calls is now even more convenient!

It is not difficult to calculate that with the app Zadarma and cloud PBX can be at least 50 % to reduce the consumption of communication in other countries. Download the app for iOS is completely free.

Download app Zadarma

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