Saudi Arabia is among the States top maturation in the regulation of the telecommunications sector and Information Technology

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Classified United Nations agency specialized in telecommunications and information technology, International Telecommunication Union, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia within the category of countries with higher maturation in the regulation of the telecommunications sector and information technology in the world, which included the highest category, A number of developed countries including the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.

State is characterized by the source within a category The State top mature by following the best international practices and create the proper environment to train and develop through working in a participatory manner with other stakeholders with a view to achieving the goals of economic and social.

Said the governor of communications and Information Technology Commission, the organization of the ICT sector in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Salem al ruwais: “It is a privilege to be classified the kingdom is among the states that apply international best practices to create the environment for the ICT sector and contribute in its development, and enable the growth and development of other sectors, and this classification comes as a result of the efforts of the body diligent to make the train in the introduction to state that adopts the latest techniques that meet the aspirations of citizens, and has recently implemented a number of unprecedented initiatives in the region including the launch of the initial tests of the fifth generation, the establishment of a public auction of the spectrum, as well as its work in enabling the Internet of things in the kingdom.”

Pointed ruwais to that body with the support and continuous follow up of His Excellency the Minister of communications and information Chairman of the Board of Directors of the authority, engineer Abdullah bin aamir to market his would continue its efforts to achieve leapfrog development in the sector will meet the ambitions, and enable the digital transition, raising the efficiency of the national economy consistent with the kingdom’s vision 2030, the programme for national liberation 2020.

Recall that the International Telecommunication Union has conducted a study on 190 countries resulted in the classification of these states into 4 categories, the higher category is the category of states that work to regulate the sector in a participatory manner with the aim of achieving the goals of economic, social, included approximately 30 percent of the total countries in the world, followed by the second category, the group of states that enable investment and innovation and access, and then the third category is the group of States with niche markets in part, and finally the fourth category is the group of States with markets proprietary.

The study included 50 standard covered many aspects of the work of the organization and that aspects relating to quality of service, trade, licenses, spectrum, competition, infrastructure, and participate in, in addition to With regard to user protection, how to deal with the emerging technical challenges.

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