Satechi offer the unit Stand Hub to support devices iMac USB ports C

The company launched the Satechi latest unit Stand Hub that supports the users of the devices iMac USB ports C to stop the machine at the price of 89.99 $ a day.

Satechi- USB-C hub

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Provided Apple computer desktop iMac’s design book in which the ports a distinctive design for a desktop computer, but it’s like difficult for many users to enter the USB connectors, and today offers the Satechi support for Apple with unit Stand Hub new.

Feature alone Stand Hub design characteristic of aluminum, it supports connection via USB port C and users is also a USB port C, with 3 USB A, SD, with a microSD slot, and the entrance to the heavens, where it supports the design of the device simple connection of the conductors in quick for this port.

Also provides users of older versions of the Mac converter attached to the device from the USB C to USB A, so I planned to let the unit Stand Hub devices old also from Mac devices.

Also available unit Stand Hub for purchase the day of the Satechi priced at 89.99 dollars via the company’s official website, or on the website store Amazon.


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