SanDisk now offer microSD card capacity of 1 terabyte at a price of $ 450

Announced SanDisk announced the launch of card Extreme possible with a capacity of 1 terabyte for sale in her store official site Amazon, to be available for sale at a price of $ 450.

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Company SanDisk has announced a new version of Extreme external memory card microSD possible with a storage capacity of 1 TB, which comes to the classification of U3 during the month of February, and today offer this version for sale on her store official price of $ 450 also available later on the Amazon site.

It is estimated that this storage capacity card Extreme users store a lot of content of 4K video or audio, without that the user experiences a problem in the storage of continuous media content.

Provides a SanDisk card external storage is possible with capacity of 512 GB also which comes at the price of $ 200, so the new version comes at a price multiplier, however, the projections indicate the possibility of lowering the price when the spread of this category of the possible cards with a capacity of 1 TB.


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