Samsung’s patent to other smart phone free of the screen frame

Galaxy S9+

Had some users say that we don’t need smart phones with a screen with the thinnest of the border are already in smart phones like the Vivo NEX or Oppo Find X new, but most of us don’t get enough of screen space, sweet ones. Samsung belong to the latter category and has a way to deal with technical problems that may arise with young skinny frame.

We have already talked earlier this week about the patent for the invention of the new Huawei smartphone for free of the screen frame, and it seems that Samsung has a similar solution to the problem with some of the differences observed. While the company uses Huawei partner two metal only on the sides, the South Korean company is betting on the four segments of metal instead of adhesive, Samsung will use the adhesive magnetic fields.


This adhesive magnetic fields will be placed on all metal slats four while it seems this design is more prone to breakage, there is a great advantage also for the design. If you know a tire shopping, it is possible to replaced easily by the user himself. Moreover, the patent further indicates that this design can’t be used in smartphones, but also in all electronic devices that include screens, including tablet devices, televisions, computers, and other portable devices.

Apparently, the era of smart phones free of the screen frame is about to begin.



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