Samsung’s development of the telephone, but the parties to the curved aspects of the

Was 2018 is the year of smart phones without parties, which excelled in both the Oppo and Vivo, especially through Phones Find X and Vivo NEX by removing the protrusion of the upper screen even, known the music, but always left some of the parties minor VERY that prevent companies from reaching the proportion of the screen to the structure 100%, which is what Samsung is working on submitting it now via a new patent from the Korean company recently appeared on the internet, you’ll be on a curved screen from all aspects.


The publication of the patent office the World Intellectual Property Organization detector on a flexible screen and curved in all aspects, without the presence of any parties with a space to display some icons on the sides, as the Picture Show Low-resolution.

Randloze Samsung smartphone

This proves that the design of many of the questions such as how to avoid touching the screen accidentally or the whereabouts of the sensors are different, but apart from that, the site Letsgodigital making a typical picture of the phone which looks amazing.

Source: Letsgodigital

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