Samsung working on headphones new wireless you’ll get the name of the Galaxy Buds

Gear IconX

Will Samsung held a press conference on the 20th day of February next at the city of San Francisco, an event where the will of the South Korean company to remove the curtain officially series phones Galaxy S10 Series new. It is also expected to reveal the company officially unveiled its smartphone folding, and maybe some wearable devices also. It now appears that according to AllAboutSamsung, we may see the new headphones as well.

Supports this new report that Samsung is working on headphones new wireless called the Galaxy Buds. It is estimated that these headphones you will get the brand ” Tuned By AKG ” which may help in attracting customers who care more about sound quality in-ear headphones. It is also expected to come in succession headphones Samsung Gear IconX which has been launched in the past year, despite the fact that they start using the brand Galaxy, similar to Samsung devices removable wear modern.

Other than that, I don’t know a lot about these new headsets. However, based on what we know about wireless earbuds like these, it is likely to come with a special tray which you protect it when not in use to charge also note that the protective this will support wireless charging likely. This is a feature that the frequency that Apple will bring to your AirPods, but if this report is true, you’ll be able Samsung do it before Apple.

Please deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection at the moment, but it seems that the next event of Samsung will be full of ads, so don’t forget to come back then for more details related to the products that will be revealed in the company Samsung in this event.


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