Samsung working on Galaxy View again, and a screen size of 17.5 inches

Galaxy View

Was seen to tablets generally as mobile devices act as an intermediary between the computer and the smartphone, which features technology smartphone, but with screen computers, small portable so that they be browsing websites and watching videos more enjoyable experience.

Samsung has pushed the limits of it when they launched the tablet Galaxy View a few years ago. We didn’t hear anything from Samsung since then, but according to a new report released recently from the website Android Police, it appears that Samsung has plans to work with the Galaxy View 2. But unlike the previous device that features a screen size of 18.4 inches, it has a frequency now that the Galaxy View 2 Next will have a slightly smaller screen size 17.5 inch.

This would make it a tablet so large, but we assume that this is the view of Galaxy View in the first place. The report also says that the tablet will feature detailed looks like the book where will users use a tablet device on heights and different angles, where one leads to reducing the tablet to a position comparable to the table if you want to painting it.

In terms of specifications, it is rumored that the Galaxy View 2 will have a processor Exynos from Samsung, and will be used screen with a resolution of FullHD. He also says that it will feature 3GB of RAM, and it will make the tablet seem like middle class at best, so for those who are hoping to replace the laptop, they could be forced to search for another device.



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