Samsung working on designing the perfect phone

Confirmed Samsung it is working on the perfect design for the smartphone, where different sensors, including front camera, the bottom of the screen, such as the reader insight to the bottom of the screen of the Galaxy S10.

Available Yang, Byung-Duk, vice president of research and development for Mobile Samsung, that the development of that phone won’t be possible in a year or two, so can technical solutions to reduce camera hole without affecting their functionality in any way.

Did not disclose Yang for the idea that Samsung is trying to implement, but it seems that he will achieve the status of camera bottom of the screen, that is switching off the pixels of the screen while using the camera, to prevent any interference with the screen light with the imaging results.

Yang did not disclose the start of mass production of the new company, but it seems that that will not be achieved by March 2020 at the lowest estimate. Since Apple has become considered recently on the screen of the Samsung in the iPhone, we expect to use the iPhone the new case provides, and also the rest of the phones competitors.

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