Samsung will update some smartphones 4 years, but do not hurry to rejoice

The updates were always for Android users something that doesn’t happen to them. Of course, sometimes one was lucky more than others, and they have a few updates, the main value which was not innovation, but rather the feeling that they are not forgotten. So when some manufacturers decided that they would just release updates-dummies, changing the build number but nothing changes, almost nobody noticed. But Samsung decided to change the prevailing paradigm and to extend the renewal date of their smartphones up to four years. However, not all.

Samsung decided to upgrade their smartphones for a year longer, but only for corporate clients

Samsung has a program called Galaxy Enterprise Edition. In the framework the company is engaged in supply of corporate clients branded smartphones, which are now and will be updated in four years. This program is available not everywhere, but only in a few countries of Europe and North America, enabling enterprises to procure the means of communication for their employees on special terms and with pre-installed tools for advanced control. For example, for the mass installation of corporate software or installation restrictions.

Most updated Samsung smartphone

  • Galaxy S10
  • Galaxy S10e
  • Galaxy Note 10
  • Galaxy A50
  • Galaxy A40
  • Galaxy Xcover 4s

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These smartphones released in the framework of Galaxy Enterprise Edition, now updated for four years. However, the question in this case is not about new versions of Android, they will continue to for only two years, and monthly security patches designed exclusively for the correction of errors and system vulnerabilities. But even this situation probably will play Samsung on hand and attract new customers who want to provide their employees with corporate smartphones the Korean vendor.

Android updates for Samsung

It would seem, who cares that Samsung has increased the renewal date of the smartphone, which is still there in the free market? But there is an important fact. After all, corporate smartphones don’t differ from the classic, which means that Samsung limits the time a software support latest just on a whim. Just in the case of corporate customers Samsung need to get some advantage over other vendors. You could, of course, make a huge discount, but selling products at a loss, the business will make. It was therefore decided to bet on the fact, that no other four years of support.

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Could Samsung update within four years from the classic retail? Definitely could. In the end, there are no technical limitations to this, as it was considered earlier, when we were told that updates are released as long as it allows hardware that quickly becomes obsolete. Just company is not profitable, so consumers continued to use their smartphones for four years without buying new.

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