Samsung will start mass production for OLED for her phone rollaway in the summer of this year

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Released today a new report from South Korean news agency ETNews reveals some additional details interesting about the Samsung folding rule. In fact, this report says, citing a reliable source, according to the news agency mentioned that the company Samsung is preparing to start the process of mass production for OLED folding which should be the main element phone Samsung folding which is likely to be released in the beginning of next year.

There are already a large number of companies interested in establishing smart phones titles folding, including Motorola and Huawei, and Oppo, and Apple, as well as many other companies. However, hints of the last report to that approach will be a little different. In the beginning, it was a Samsung phone will have a screen size of 4.5 inch when folded while it will become the size of 7.3 inches when flat, but this seems impractical because you’ll have to open it just to answer calls. Now, it is reported that Samsung intends to rely on the different design allows to take advantage of more of the collapsible screen of the device.

Reports say that the screen design will be ready by the time of issuing the phone in early next year, this is in line actually with the rumors that have been circulating in the financial period.

It seems that smart phones folding going to be the boom following in the market of portable devices. The CEO said Samsung previously that the phone company folding would be an ideal product from the beginning and not just a gimmick for consumers, but we still have to wait for a long time before we find out what the validity of it.


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