Samsung will Service FM radio in phones the new

According to a press release from the owner of the application NextRadio will Samsung for the rest of the companies that will activate FM radio service in its smart phones, and it comes to phones modern smart phones coming in the future, which will give users the possibility to listen to local radio stations without the need of Internet. Recall that most smartphone manufacturers don’t offer this feature, although chip integration of the radio in the hardware components and for various reasons, which forces them to use the apps listening to the radio broadcast via the internet. The increasing need for services, especially in the case of Emergency because they are more flexible and have a longer range than the reference cell, as can radio stations provide people with important information even if it happened a storm caused through the infrastructure of the internet domestic. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the President of the Federal Communications Commission issued a public statement calling on manufacturers of phones to activate the chip has FM radio for emergency help, even now, besides Samsung, meant LG, Motorola, Alcatel it will start to enable the radio in their devices. Won’t be activating the service in the old devices because of its need to pass again through the FCC in you will need the devices to the wired headset to listen to the fact that the chip you think a speaker wire as an antenna to pick up radio waves and therefore are wireless will not work with the service.

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