Samsung will release its own token? The company is preparing a blockchain-based Ethereum

Group blockchain developers in the company Samsung is working on its own MAGNETOM based on Ethereum. While the process is under experiment. Information shared by the representatives of resource Coindesk.

One of the official employees of the company talked to reporters and commented on the data.

Now we are thinking about the blockchain, but so far I can’t confirm this information. It may be a public blockchain, possibly the hybrid version.

In addition, the completion of the development of their own blockchain, the company may move production of native token Coin Samsung.

I can say that Samsung Coin just released on the market, but we haven’t yet decided on the purpose and direction of this token. If the company launches a public blockchain, the Coin is likely Samsung will be publicly traded on cryptomeria just like bitcoins or esters.

According to the company, the technology of the blockchain can also be integrated within the payment app Samsung Pay, but still is a distant prospect. Thus a special unit to Samsung for more than a year working on a number of projects.

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Source: NewsBTC

A couple of months ago the company made a huge step into the blockchain-industry and released the flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 with built-in support cryptocurrency. In March, Samsung officially unveiled the crypto that supports Ethereum, and many other ERC20-tokens. However, about support for Bitcoin in the near future of speech like does not go.

Not only developers are interested in the Samsung bloccano. Recall that in the community there are also rumors about the launch of a native token from the social network Facebook.

Are there any prospects for such projects? Please share your opinions and predictions in cryptodata of hontarov.

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