Samsung will put less smartphones in 2018 due to weak sales of Galaxy S9

Some Russian colleagues always say the success of Samsung in the world on the Russian market, against competitors who have “always bad”. However, I have already many times noted sluggish business Samsung, and once again we will talk about it, and as usual we will support the statement with facts and not their own opinions and personal feelings.

If you believe the colleagues from, Samsung will not be able in 2018 to exceed 350 million smartphones sold. Initially, the company planned to sell 320 million smartphones, however, due to high pre-orders of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus the mark is shifted in a big way, but something went wrong.

If in the first quarter sales were relatively stable, and the company managed to ship 78 million units in the second quarter the number of shipped devices fell to 73 million If you believe the Korean analyst, the reason was weak sales of the S9 and S9 Plus.

In the second quarter sales of S9 and S9 Plus 30 million devices, and it is the worst performance since 2012. As the flagships make up the majority profit of mobile division of Samsung, we should expect a serious deterioration in financial performance.

Shinhan Investment Korea Investment & Securities forecast a decline in operating profit by 43.3% in comparison with the previous year to 2.3 trn won.

The reason for the weak sales of the flagship is the pressure from Chinese companies and its main competitor in the face of Apple. CEO of the mobile division of Samsung To Dong-Jin asked marketers and sales Samsung to do everything to increase sales.

To understand the scale of the problem, in 2013 the market share of Samsung in China was 20%, today it is less than 1% despite the fact that the Chinese market is the largest in the world.

Critics argue that the flexible smartphone, which Samsung is hoping will not bring the company a lot of money, as the cost of the device is $ 1,500 (consumers simply can not afford it), moreover the party will be limited.

Now the main problem of Samsung is pricing. Smartphones unnecessarily expensive. For example, in Russia A6 Plus Galaxy to extremely budget the Snapdragon 450 are estimated in 27 thousand roubles when for the same money, discounts on JD you can buy OnePlus 6.

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