Samsung will pay $ 533 million for copying Apple products

If you think that the story between Apple and Samsung has ended, you’re wrong. where was the Declaration of the new rule by name in this issue that are traded during the past seven years between the pronunciation right, and then appeal, and then reversed and so on.

Back to the title of the news is only the judgment of the jury in the United States on Samsung to pay $ 533 million in damages to Apple for violating patents owned by the company American .

The problem was is I installed Apple TV and it’s using some of the money from each phone sold by Samsung with parts not licensed or you have to pay Samsung fine matam you only which capacity Samsung $ 28 million.

In the end it was confirmed the violation of patents important as the fact of the rectangular shape with rounded corners and colorful icons under review on a black screen and we have to pay the penalty for all the four phones sold in the period ( 15 million phone almost ).

Surely Samsung didn’t like its government said it would challenge the government confirmed it was ready to provide compensation but the patent product partnership just isn’t on every phone sold .

For its part, the Apple announced the happiness of its decision confirmed that Samsung have increased their product blatantly and we have to pay for it.


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