Samsung will invest $ 116 million until 2030 in the development and production of the chip core

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Early last year, the company has become Samsung’s largest chip in the world ahead of Intel, thanks to strong performance of the Department memory. Today, announced the South Korean company plans to invest 116 billion USD from now until the year 2030 in chips other than memory chips.

This will help Samsung reduce its dependence on the section of memory which was not performed well in the first quarter of this year. Going more than half of these funds towards research and development, which provides 15 thousand new jobs. Funds remaining will be spent in building infrastructure.

Will receive Section Samsung System LSI, which oversees the development of processors Exynos chip modem sensors ISOELL etc. of the other ingredients, along with the Department of Samsung Foundry that manufactures chips for about $ 9.5 million annually until the year 2030.

Mostly, brings a section of memory in the Samsung most of the profits, and this explains why he gets most of the funding. However, besides the volatility of this section, the aim is to invest in the other sections to attract the next section. As you have probably heard, was made by Intel in the towel in the ring and stopped officially from the development of the modem the 5G designed for smartphones, which was supposed to make their way to the iPhone.

Instead, it seems that Qualcomm and Samsung will be supplying Apple with the information 5G that you will use in iPhones coming in next year. As all of you probably know, the Samsung company in the year 2017, to take possession of company Harman, which is the largest factory chip the car. This page is not absurd, the cars self-driving cars compatible with the 5G networks will need to the information, cameras, equipment, artificial intelligence, and this explains why Samsung has decided to now focus on the development of solutions for these cars.

With regard to the manufacture of the chip, the main competition to buy Samsung is currently in this sector, the company is TSMC, the latter is legislation on the manufacture of processors and tortillas for most companies such as Qualcomm, Apple and Nvidia, and Huawei and AMD, as well as many other companies.

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