Samsung will implement the blockchain in the system track deliveries

South Korean technology company Samsung have been interested in cryptocurrency. According to media reports, she even supplies chips for mining manufacturer of Mining Asimov Halong. Now the company has decided to implement blockchain: its employees are developing a platform based distribution register to track shipments. This writes the CCN.

Corporations blockchain

Plans to use blockchain announced by the head of the Samsung SDS song Kwang-Woo. According to him, the technology will allow you to reduce costs in the supply by 20 percent.

Company for seven months was testing the platform for the registration of imported goods and are now ready to extend it to all logistics processes.

Until the end of the year Samsung intends using the blockchain to process 488 thousand tons of cargo and 1 million 20-foot containers.The technology will allow to reduce delivery time of goods and reduce the number of documents they have to handle employees.

The introduction of blockchain technology in supply chain is one of the most effective ways of applying the technology to large companies. Informed on developments in this region have announced an American retailer Walmart. Implement control registry network plans in 2019.

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