Samsung will focus on the Indian market in an attempt to stop the decline of its sales

سامسونج ستركز على السوق الهندي في محاولة لإيقاف تراجع مبيعاتها

It’s no secret the decline of Samsung in a number of global markets due to the competition of Chinese companies, while the controlled Chinese companies fully on the market there, the Shawty dominate the Indian market is the second largest market globally, and Huawei daughter a strong base in the Middle East, which led to huge drop in Samsung’s sales especially since their prices are higher than their counterparts.

But it seems that Samsung would be different this time will be focusing on the Indian market phones are designed to fit the audience there and affordable, after launching a series of phones M designed to alert the user to the Indian during this month which will be available for sale through the company’s stores and Amazon only, the company will work to develop new phones on the same lines.

Said Asim Warsi director of the company in India that the prices of phones M10, M20, وM30 will range between 10,000 and 20,000 rupees – the equivalent of 142 -284$, which makes it suitable for Chinese companies, prices, also added that the phones will not be of the advantages of the weak it will contain the advantages they come with phones top quality previously.

Samsung is aiming to provide such advantages as fast charging, large batteries, faster processors such as the access, to special protection against water, and of course a better camera, which means the advantages of the latest at a price much lower than usual, which can live sales people again.

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